Narendra Modi seems to be now ruling India with its bombastic win in 2014 Indian Lok Sabha election and in the social media with his winning tweet becoming the most retweeted tweet in India. Twitter India has released a list of top retweeted tweets in India where Namo’s tweet topping the chart with around 67,895 time at the time of writing this. The tweet has also been favorited over 42,755 times making it the top tweet in this category too.

Earlier record of the most retweeted tweet in India was held by bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who’s tweet was retweeted 48,661 times. It’s been followed the Cricket God – Sachin Tendulkar’s thank you tweet in response to his fans after retirement, which was retweeted 17,263 times. Fourth position is held by India’s only super star Rajinikanth’s debut tweet to Twitter, which was retweeted by his fans over 14,860 times.

Narendra Modi’s India won tweet came after the sparkling victory by BJP with its 336 seats (NDA) in the 2014 Lok Sabha election, whereas the Congress broke down to mere 59 seats.

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