Google will be unveiling specially tweaked business profiles with analytics, sophisticated sharing options, and much more during (or shortly after) Q3 2011.

Google doesn’t plan to mix business profiles with personal profiles on Google Plus social network. Google+ aims to create a unique experience for your business brand using your existing google username or a new one created specifically for business purposes. A Google spokesman said, “How users communicate with each other is different from how they communicate with brands,” meaning they don’t want to mimic the user/business experience on Facebook, they want to make it better, more efficient and ultimately more profitable for your business brand.

Businesses that don’t have the patience to wait this much have been warned by Google from creating personal (user profiles) accounts. Google won’t be helping them to migrate to the new business profiles. All existing user profiles being used as brand or Google plus business profile will be deleted without exception. This week, Google began pulling down some of these brand pages (Mashable, Sesame Street) and Mashable has decided to remove company branding and instead operate its 100,000 follower strong profile using the name and likeness of its CEO, Pete Cashmore.

In an exclusive interview, a Google spokesperson confirmed, “There will be a product very soon that has businesses’ interests in mind… We want to give them the features businesses expect and the features that can improve the sharing experience both for consumers and businesses.”

While Google is mum on exactly what the business profiles will include, the spokesperson did say, “You can expect to see a level of analytics and measurement that you’d typically find in Google products as well as a nuanced approach to how things are shared. It encourages and enhances conversation, it doesn’t just put things in the stream.”

Google is still asking businesses for patience.

“Our original timeline was by the end of the year,” said the Google spokesperson, “but we’ve accelerated. The window is the next few months, and if we get it done sooner, that’s great, too.”

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