Google Plus has been creating waves ever since its announcement. Here is a simple tip for Google Plus users. Now you can get your Google Plus notifications to your mobile phone via SMS. You just need to add a mobile number and verify it with your Google Plus profile. After this you can set the preferences for the notifications. You can also post updates via SMS.

Steps To Follow

  1. Sign in to your Google account. Go to Google+.
  2. Click the gear button at the top right corner and select Google + settings.
  3. Under the set delivery preferences, click add phone number.
  4. Now add your mobile number and verify it with the code sent to your mobile.
  5. Now select SMS under delivery preferences (Don’t notify me is the default option). Modify the notification preferences as you wish.

Posting Updates via SMS (currently available only in India)

  1. You can also post status updates via SMS. To prevent SMS spoofing, it is recommended to add a security alphanumeric PIN.
  2. To start posting updates via SMS, send text to: +91 9222222222.
  3. You can even specify post visibility while updating via SMS. Here are the modifiers you can use:
    • @[circle name] – To share your update with selected circles.
    • @extended – To share your post with your extended circles.
    • @public – To make your update visible to everyone (including search engines).
    • @[email address] – To share your update with a particular person.
    If you don’t specify anything, your post will be shared with everyone in your circles.

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