Google has confirmed that a “Games stream” would be coming under the description of the service’s streams. Since the release of Google+, several hints have been revealed about Google+ Games and now a fresh hint has come up.

Slashgear has dug up a help page from within Google+’s settings making mention of a “Games Stream” that Google says will contain “updates shared from games.”, If you click on the Games stream link, it sends you to a blank page, but it’s definitely coming.
Update: Link/hint is now removed.

This is not the first evidence that Google+ would have a games section. The first instance, however, was far less clear, with a mention of “games” buried deep within the site’s code. And a few weeks ago, Google posted a job listing for someone to head a division called Games. In other words, there is really no surprise that Google+ will have games. It’s just a matter of when Games will launch. It was recently revealed that Google has also made an investment in Zynga, which is preparing to launch its IPO.

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