Samsung has brought their latest fitness smart wearables viz – Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear Sport to India last month. The upgraded Gear Fit2 Pro can now track swimming with 50m water resistance and has a redesigned strap. Let’s find out the pricing, availability and other included features of this latest edition fitness gadget.

Specification Overview

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro almost looks similar to Gear Fit2 but has a curved display which is 1.5inch and has 216 x 432 pixels. It weighs about 34g which is 5g heavier than the earlier edition. It also has swim tracking and redesigned tongue-hole band compared to the peg-loop of Fit2. The straps are easily replaceable or interchangeable and are made of hypoallergenic silicone material.

Go Beyond Fitness With Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro - Flipkart Exclusive

The watch runs a proprietary Tizen OS and you can get plenty of apps from Samsung store. It is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core Exynos 3250 processor and has 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. The watch can be paired with any android phone or iOS device once you have downloaded the Gear app. The smart features include notifications from apps installed on your phone. You can tap on miss call and message notifications to send quick response messages. These notifications and quick messages can be edited from the Gear app installed on your phone.

In addition to notifications, there is the alarm feature. Since there is no onboard speaker, the watch can only vibrate for alarms or notifications. The watch can also play workout music both offline and online and can act as standalone player or controller. For connectivity and streaming the Fit2 Pro has Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4GHz WiFi. You can also sync your activity trackings directly from watch to online portals.

Activity Tracking

The watch also comes with built-in GPS to measure your distance, pace etc. However, the AMOLED display has no ambient light sensor and you’ve adjusted it to a preferable setting. In addition to outdoor activities, it can also measure activities like stair climbing, treadmill running. The watch OS also tracks your sleeping and gives you feedback every day. The capacitive touch screen of the display won’t work while under water. However, as soon as you dunk into the water, the watch switches to swim mode which can be paused resumed etc. The Fit2 Pro can store, play and stream songs online and offline. You can also podcast with apps like Spotify for workout music.

Samsung offers a bunch of free (1 year) subscriptions for motivating the users. Since the Fit2 Pro has swim tracking, it comes with Speedo On pre-installed. Plenty of other tracking apps and profiles like MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, MapMyRun and Under Armour Record can be set up easily.

Additional Features & Battery

Samsung has included features like Find My Phone, timer, stopwatch etc. Then there is the switchable watch face and other addon complications like battery indicator. Some of these come pre-loaded while you can get more from the Samsung store. The gear app can pair several smart wearables with your single smartphone. It also comes with optical heart rate monitor(HRM). Samsung has somewhat improved the accuracy but still, it works better when worn inside the wrist. One noticeable change is that you can now set the HRM to measure at random intervals or turn it off to save battery.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is juiced by a 200mAh Li-Ion battery which can last for about 3 days. For daily workouts lasting 45mins, you might get around 2-2.5 days backup. Fit2 Pro can be charged with the charging dock and any standard power adaptor or your PC.


The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is available exclusively on Flipkart which has already started taking preorders. The sale will commence on 11th December 2017. It is available in two colour options viz all-black and black-red body. You can grab these watches for Rs 13,590 with additional discounts from Flipkart. The year 2017 is about to end and it is time to take some new resolutions. So why wait, grab a Gear Fit2 Pro and start your training to get fit. Hope the article was informative, Peace!

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