Google has stored lots of interesting things for Indian users, with the recent launch of YouTube Movie Rental and Purchase Service, Google has unveiled another set of features on Youtube India. Youtube has integrated music purchase option on Indian Music video through Apple iTune Stores and Flipkart Flyte.

Youtube adds Music Purchase Option in India with iTunes and Flipkart

Currently Youtube featured this music purchase option with EMI Music labels and as we check no other music labels have this extra facility. It seems a direct partnership with Youtube India and EMI Music India to offer better monitorization of its Music videos. We except Youtube India will soon add this feature to other major music labels. Youtube earlier offered music purchase option through iTunes for some Indian independent music labels, but the Flipkart Flyte addition to the list is a new one.

With this partnership Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart will be greatly benefited, allowing it to reach more Indian audience at the right place and crushing down its competitors.

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