Running a full-fledged WordPress installation on Google servers is somewhat a dream come through. With the massive power of Google servers and incredible stability you get a rock solid platform to run your WordPress site. Recently Google App Engine, the cloud computing service platform started support for PHP runtime. With WordPress being the most popular PHP based script available on web, Google started supporting it with the officially launch of Google App Engine Plugin for WordPress.

Google App Engine Plugin for WordPress provide seamless operation of WordPress powered site on the App Engine PHP runtime. It adds overrides to core functionality in WordPress to use App Engine infrastructure. Currently the plugin support two functionality for sending e-mail using the Mail API and uploading and serving media files to Google Cloud Storage.

WordPress gets Official Google App Engine Plugin - supports sending e-mails and Google Cloud Storage

There are only two option on the plugin to configure, one for e-mail settings and another for upload settings. In the e-mail settings if you enable to use App Engine Email Service, then by default all mails from WordPress will be sent from [email protected], but you can change the address to one of the allowed sender addressed. In the upload settings you will need to provide permission to write media files which include images and videos you upload on WordPress to one of your Google Cloud Storage buckets. Once correctly configured all your uploaded media files will be served from Google cloud servers making it a efficient CDN for your site.

Google App Engine Plugin for WordPress settings

Note that the plugin is not meant for normal WordPress users, as you will need the knowledge to deploy PHP applications on App Engine, and comfortable working with WordPress and MySQL in other environments.

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