I still remember those days when some one ask me to do things on Excel and i just wander around to work on it. There are worksheets, cell data, equations and formulas, tables and charts, PivotTables and whole Macros function which you have no idea about using it. Microsoft Excel is one of the powerful tool usable for housewives, entrepreneurs, marketing and sale professionals, students, accountants and finance & non-finance professionals. Having knowledge of Microsoft Excel helps to organize every matter of your life, ranging from financial reports to personal budgeting, movie lists, trend analysis and more.

Ready to learn! DataReign happy to offer the complete video tutorial series to learn Microsoft Excel 2010 in Beginner, Advanced and Comprehensive program. The video tutorial series been provided by Udemy and trained by edu CBA, the global online training experts. The whole program is worth around $257 for lifetime access. The program been provided in three different stages, suitable for beginners to most advanced users.

Learn Microsoft Excel 2010 in Complete - Video Tutorial Series [Giveaway]

The first program named “Excel 2010 Beginner: ZERO to HERO in just 1 day” (check here) will introduce you to different powerful tools of excel 2010. The objective of the course is to increase the productivity and efficiency by introducing participants to numerous tools and techniques available in Excel. It has around 80 lectures with 6 hours of videos along with 27 quizzes and 100+ working files for users to download.

The second program named “Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced” (check here) will provide deeper details into the features and functions of the powerful excel spreadsheet. It begins with useful functions like Paste Special, Logical, countif goes on to explain advanced features like HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, Match, Offset, Forecast etc. It has around 111 lectures with 9.5 hours of videos along with 100+ working files for users to download.

The third and last program named “Microsoft Excel 2010: A Comprehensive Program” (check here) provides over 100 lectures, approximately 11 hours of Videos, 150+ worksheets, quizzes, Subtitles etc. It offers the basics of worksheets, then moving onto Formatting, Formulas, Illustrations and Charts, Printing, HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, Array, Solver, database, forecast, goal seek and many more advanced functions.

How To Grab the Video Tutorial ?

The main part, how to grab the $257 worth lifetime access to the video tutorial series, it’s simple. Below we have incorporated a rafflecopter giveaway tool, where you can login and do the task mentioned. There is no restriction you can do one task or do all the task, its your choice. If you do all the task then this giveaway will get shared and more of our friends will able to learn excel. Eventually it will help us to offer more such giveaway to you. If you have completed any of the task below we will send mails containing coupon code, using which you can registering at udemy to watch the complete video tutorial sessions. So act quick, this is a limited time giveaway and don’t forgot to share with your friends.

(it’s a promotional post for DataReign, you only need to do any one of the above task, everyone participating in the giveaway will get the coupon code. Also please note that the links may contain affiliate ID’s.)

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