The Evolution of Print Communication [Infographics]

As humanity grows, we have discovered more and better ways to communicate with each other. The evolution of print technology has provided us with a mass production of information that can reach people over the entire globe within a matter of seconds. The wonders of the internet, with email and social networking allows for interaction of global topics leaving nobody out of the loop, not even if you attempt to avoid it. Print technology was developed initially thousands and thousands of years ago to eradicate the inaccuracy of information by word of mouth. Pictograms were invented as early as the 4th Millennium BC in order to pass on vital messages. These messages usually stemmed from the church as religion was so influential on people’s lives, however as they obviously weren’t as advanced and the wondrous art of say ‘spell check’ did not exist; any false words or judgement made against the church through the pictograms were punishable by death.

The Evolution of Print Communication

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