How video games are most effective for children’s to Learn Fast

When we talk about video games, the perspective of wastage of time knocks into our minds. Video games involve interaction of a human with the virtual world. In easy words, these games play a video on a screen with a button control to have complete authority over the movement of the virtual character. It is a very concerning matter for parents when they see their children on a video game console or computer playing games all day long, but video games can be used as an educational device as well. It may surprise you to know that playing video games can sharpen your child’s learning skills. If you are a parent, you must be wondering how video games can be educational.

Research Proving Skill Development through Gaming

According to research work in different universities such as In University of Central Florida, an experiment deduced that students playing video games score higher than students not playing video games. In the University of Rochester another experiment respective to games, “Call Of Duty” and “The Sims” was demonstrated and it was concluded that 43 percent of students due to exercise of better eye co-ordination with “Call Of Duty” could differentiate within different shades of grey where students who played “The Sims” couldn’t. These experiments proved improved skills of human mind so if your child is sitting indoors playing video games rather than going out and playing football, no need to be worried because he is developing skills that will help him in future.

What Makes Gaming Educational?

  • This is a very common question to arise within a parent’s mind, but these easy points will sum up the required answer.
  • Knowledge Development: video games include educational information that the age group for which the game is designed is usually not familiar with.
  • Memory Development: Memorising moves and the required information to pass a level helps the player to build good memory skills.
  • Context and Cognition: the new information is used to solve the puzzle which develops skills to solve a problem or enable a person to answer questions.
  • Ethics Balance: Playing games online with people all around the world help develop language diversity and character gender options.

Games Designed Specifically For Under Aged Kids

These games are equipped with cannon balls of information that are targeted towards your children. Several game designing companies are opting to develop learning video games such as

  • Big Fish Games: Including games like “Chicken Invaders 2” and “Wildlife”. These teach the children about solar system and animal’s nature and habitat. It also includes puzzling games, escaping games and challenging games.
  • Broderbund: Such games help kids of elementary range to learn and explore about museums and bugs. It is also helpful to students of high school to develop better understanding of the relationships of length, area, volume and perimeter.
  • Educational Insights: This company designs video games for the basic purpose of developing educational knowledge within children. It plays as the role of tutor in development of skills. It focuses basically on mathematical bases ranging from subtraction, addition to percentages.

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