Nothing is unlimited, you have to pay or get restricted. Till now, Reliance Jio was the only Indian telecom operator offering free unlimited voice calls with every prepaid and postpaid Jio plans. Thanks to its advanced 4G VoLTE technology, every voice call you make from Jio was send over data. This actually brings down the voice call rates to a minimum of zero.

Reliance Jio has now made slight changes to the terms and condition. The operator has started limiting the voice calls to maximum 300 minutes per day. That’s maximum of 1200 minutes per day or 3000 minutes per month (28 days) of voice call you can do from your Jio number. It’s the exact way incumbent telecom operators Airtel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular and others are restricting with their plans.

Reliance Jio starts limiting free Unlimited Voice Calls to 300 minutes per Day

However, it seems the voice call limitation is applicable only to certain Jio subscribers. The operator will limit the free unlimited voice calls in case of they find a Jio subscriber misusing the free voice call benefit, use it for fraudulent activity, unauthorised telemarketing or even use it for commercial purpose. In addition, if you call to 100 unique phone numbers in a 7 day period then also Jio will limit your voice calls.

Reliance Jio Free Unlimited Voice calls Limitation
  • Limitation applicable in case of misuse, fraudulent use, unauthorised telemarketing and commercial use.
  • Calling 100 unique phone numbers (MSIDNs) in a rolling 7 day period will also invite limitation from Jio.
  • Once restricted, Jio will limit the voice calls to 300 minutes per day. That’s calculated to 1200 minutes for 7 days or 3,000 minutes per month (28 days).
Reliance Jio Free Unlimited Voice calls Limitation

Reliance Jio’s limitation on the free unlimited voice call benefits is applicable to both Prepaid and Postpaid Jio subscribers. For normal Jio subscribers, there is actually no restriction or limitation on the unlimited voice calls. You still get unlimited voice calls every day or week or month. Only the telemarketing guys and those misusing the service will get restricted.

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