Experience frequent call drop or facing lots of disturbance during a voice call on your telecom network? Now you can share the quality of a phone call directly with India’s telecom watchdog Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The regulator has launched MyCall mobile app, using which you can rate the quality of a voice call in real time.

What’s the use of rating phone calls? Well, when you rate voice calls of a telecom operator, TRAI can gather this data along with network data. This crowdsourced data can help regulator to take a decision and monitor telecom operator performance in different telecom circles. This data will also be shared with telcos to enhance the quality of the network. Note that all data you share with TRAI are anonymous.

Now rate Phone Calls quality via MyCall app from TRAI

To get started with TRAI MyCall, download the mobile app from Google Play store. Once the app is installed, whenever phone call ends a pop-up will appear requesting you to rate the call based on your experience. You have the option to rate the phone calls in the form of stars or smiley. With one star if the phone call was ‘terrible’ to the maximum five star if the phone call was ‘great’. If you give the call quality one to three stars, you can further mark the call as ‘Call Drop’ or ‘Poor Network’. Next, you can indicate if the calls were made indoor, outdoor or while travelling. You can also provide additional information about the phone call like noisy, one-way audio, audio delay or other issues. Once you submit the data will be sent to TRAI for detailed analysis.

TRAI MyCall App Features

  • Real-time voice call quality rating or feedback shared with TRAI.
  • Can mark phone call as dropped or poor network.
  • Can provide additional information for a phone call such as background noise or audio delay.
  • Help telecom authority in decision making and performance monitoring of Indian telcos.

With TRAI MyCall app you can also rate phone calls at a later period of time. You also get the ability to rate multiple calls together. If you feel annoying getting the rating popup after every phone call ends, then you can set the popup or rating frequency in the app setting. The ‘MyCall History’ section will provide you with all phone calls you received or made along with your rating on each call.

Beside this, TRAI has also updated its MySpeed app which enabled you to test 4G and 3G speed. Another update is to the Do Not Disturb app which got new features like an intelligent spam detection engine. Now you can track actions taken on any DND complaints you raised with the authority via the app.

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