Most experts agree that Search Engine Optimization is rapidly changing and its future depends on a complex relationship with social media, content marketing and shared technology. This results into a fresh way of thinking about utilizing technology, SEO and social media strategy. SEO now has a set of entirely new roles that are completely justifiable. For the emerging face of SEO, with change comes great opportunity.

Changes with search engines such as Google and in the industry signify the convergence of social and search media, strategies and tactics, and personalization and data. The increased prominence placed on social media optimization such as sharing, seeding and social media content means that social signals are now standard parts of search optimization techniques.

With the union of social media with search engine optimization, change is upon us. New kind of inbound marketers now aim to capitalize on the convergence of SEO, content marketing and social media.

Noticing The Ways In Which Search Engine Optimization Is Changing?

Convergence and SEO technology

It is correct to say that there is change in the convergence of technical SEO, content marketing and social media. While some might dispute the incorporation of social media into SEO, the fact is that it influences how SEO-ers function and collaborate with their peers in content marketing and social media as well as with clients.

The recent changes in the popular search engine Google typify the convergence of social media and SEO as well as in the ways in which social media and SEO people can work together. This collaboration is essential as increasing importance is given to quality content from sources of social media and new influences on rankings. Today, SEO is being developed around circles of social influence with strategies of social link building being developed in parallel. Therefore, content needs to be easily sharable using collaboration across social networks via links. SEO now has to be not only relevant conversationally but contextually as well.

Experts have witnessed numerous changes in SEO technology landscape as it converges with social media and develops new roles. Due to these changes in the convergence of SEO, content marketing strategies, social media and search environment, some have had to develop and incorporate more features.

Developmental improvements have been constant for other, as they mainly focus on the significance of recognizing and maximizing fresh SEO opportunities using productivity and enterprise based systems in collaboration with clients. Nearly 80 percent of search marketers will spend more resources on search marketing technology each year. The changes in SEO have resulted into development of new generations of SEO platform enterprise and fresh, new SEO tools.

SEO platforms and tools

First, it is vital to know the differences between a platform and a tool.

  1. Platform – Platforms offer holistic solutions to several business needs and clients by offering a suite of integrated tools, which in this case comprise of productivity, relationship management and monetary type solutions.
  2. Tools – The majority of tools are designed for a single purpose, which is to help a particular area of a business. Examples of tools could be link analysis, keyword research and analytics.

Experts design many of the SEO tools in line with the changes that happen in search engines. The rise of SEO technology enterprise is encouraging agencies and business to collaborate and utilize new developments as well as the convergence of social media, content marketing strategies and SEO. Experts are also developing intelligent systems that use various data sources to refine data comparative to business outcomes. These tools utilize several elements from site crawling, keyword research, backlink analysis, social media, and productivity & CRM, all with varying degrees of capability.

Tool based SEO platforms such are turning into enterprise SEO platforms of the near future. The platforms pay attention to convergence, collaboration and change by introducing task management and workflow solutions in addition to their analysis and toolsets. There numerous tools to choose from thus it can be difficult at times to pick the right one depending on client brief and the scope of your role.

Providers of enterprise SEO solutions have begun integrating elements of social media to their offering due to the convergence of social media in the SERPs. Other tool providers have taken a more comprehensive approach of the collaboration of SEO and PPC.

So, for you my dear friend, where are you going to stand in this changing landscape of SEO?

This post was written for our blog by Todd Ramos from popular ct seo company PenTech Consulting. Todd loves SEO, hockey, swimming pools and has written many articles on all three topics.

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