The JioMediaCable for JioPhone was revealed in the India Mobile Congress 2017 happening now at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The JioMediaCable is an accessory for connecting the JioPhone with a bigger screen like HD or CRT TV. Let’s take a look at the contents and how to set up one.

The JioMediaCable package consists of an adaptor and connecting cables. There are two kinds of adaptor – HDMI and RCA, for the type of TV you own. The JioMediaCable for HD TV consists of HDMI adaptor, HDMI cable and power cable. Whereas, the JioMediaCable for CRT TV consists of RCA adaptor, RCA cable, and power cable.

Note that the original Jio Phone retail package won’t contain the JioMediaCable. You may need to purchase it separately from any Reliance Jio retail shops across India. In addition, you also need to choose minimum Rs 309 Jio plan to use the extra accessory with your TV.

How to Connect JioPhone with HD/CRT TV

You need to choose the type of adaptor based on your requirement. The adaptor has 3 ports, a USB port, a micro USB port (power), HDMI/RCA port. Now let’s setup the JioMediaCable for streaming.

  1. Connect the JioPhone to your preferred adaptor (HDMI/RCA) via USB data cable.
  2. Connect a power supply with another cable(Micro-USB to USB) to the power port of the adaptor.
  3. Now connect the HDMI/RCA output with TV via HDMI or RCA cable.
  4. You will now see ‘Ready to cast’ as a confirmation on your TV.
  5. Start your streaming apps like JioTV or JioCinema on JioPhone and enjoy it on the big screen.
How To Connect JioPhone to TV Using JioMediaCable

The JioMediaCable has no extra Remote, ie you have to reach your JioPhone when the need arises. While connected to the JioMediaCable setup, the JioPhone will be in constant charging and discharging mode. This might cause battery bulges and reduce the battery life of JioPhone. Also while physically connected to the setup, receiving or making calls via JioPhone will be annoying.

You might also need to adopt a suitable Jio Plan for streaming without interruption. Since the phone can be connected to a Home Wi-Fi, it might be possible to use a different internet connection for streaming. The price of setup is not revealed yet, the HD-HDMI version will presumably cost more than the CRT-RCA version. Even though buying JioPhone and the media cable package might save some bucks, their new terms and conditions will make you think twice. However, with the JioMediaCable and JioPhone combo, Jio will try to dominate the DTH market with lots of Live TV contents. Hope you enjoyed the write-up, Peace!

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