You heard about Apple SIRI. Ya this is wonderful technology from Apple Iphone 4s and this is also called personal Assistance software. how SIRI is work. I mentioned below some Example

Appple artificial intelligence Siri

USER: I want Call BOB (say to SIRI)

SIRI: Told to user Wait a moment (SIRI Search your entire contact named BOB)

SIRI: Which BOB you want you Call?


SIRI: Going to make a Call

See above example this is how works SIRI Technology. You no need to TAP, SEARCH, TOUCH. Complete search is based on your VOICE.When I see this feature I remember the Android app named Spraktoit.

Google Android speaktoit app Siri alternative

Is this Apple SIRI copied from Android Speaktoit App ?

Lets Talk About the Android Apps of Speaktoit Assistant

It allows users to use natural language, just speak like a human. This Android app will send post to Facebook and Twitter, send emails and texts, check you in places, look up weather, call people, take notes, add things to your calendar, look up information, translate foreign languages, find news, check the traffic and so much more.

Is any different Speaktoit to Siri? Speaktoit has an avatar with a personality, basically a face and a voice, which is what Siri does not have has an avatar you can see one MIC Symbol. You can choose Avatar as you like in Android apps.
Other Speaktoit Features: This assistant learns as it goes, users wanted the assistant to play music, Video , and the functionality is being rolled out tomorrow.
Remember that we will be reviewing the iOS 5 as from tomorrow, as well as the iPhone 4S

Download Android Speaktoit Assistant from the Android Market.  Do also comment your experience using it.

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