First, note that it’s not the data cutter for super high-speed 4G but for the slightly lower speed 3G network. Following the path of Airtel, who actually introduced the data cutter for 4G and 3G data packs, Indian telecom operator Idea Cellular has launched its own 3G data cutter packs for pan-India prepaid mobile subscribers.

Idea subscribers recharging with the new Rs 755 and Rs 1498 special data cutter packs can get 1GB of 3G data benefits at just Rs 57.

These data cutter packs come with an extended data validity of up to one year. TRAI has earlier allowed telecom operators to offer mobile data packs and STVs with a validity of one year or 365 days.

Idea Cellular now offers 3G Data Cutter packs, Get 1GB of 3G data benefits at Rs 57

Let’s go into the details of the Idea new 3G data cutter packs. The Rs 1498 super saver data pack comes with a validity of one year. Subscribers once recharged with this pack can get lower data tariff starting at Rs 57 for 1GB of data benefits. They can get 2GB of 3G data benefits at Rs 102, 5GB of 3G data benefits at Rs 256 and so on for a period of one year.

Similarly the new Rs 747 super saver data pack offer subscribers with reduced 3G data tariff for a period of six months. But here the data saving is less compared to the previous pack. You will only get 1GB of 3G data benefits at Rs 102 or 3GB of 3G data benefits at Rs 256.

Idea 3G data cutter packs

Pack (Rs)3G Data BenefitsValidity
Rs 7471GB of 3G at Rs 102 for 28 days, 2.5GB of 3G at Rs 256 for 28 days6 months
Rs 14981GB of 3G at Rs 57 for 28 days, 2GB of 3G at Rs 102 for 28 days, 5GB of 3G at Rs 256 for 28 days1 year

Following 3G data cutter tariff is applicable only for Idea customers in Delhi-NCR telecom circle. This price may change from one telecom circle to another, so do check with Idea customer care before recharging. One can recharge the super saver data packs through the MyIdea app, Idea cellular website or any third party retailer.

It seems the recent Reliance Jio launch with lower data charges and BSNL offering true unlimited 3G STV plans has forced other private telecom operators to lower their data charges.

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