Google has finally rolled out an update of Tez payments app by adding some new features. This includes the bill payments facility that they hinted few weeks back. You can now pay bills such electricity, gas, water etc with Tez UPI app. So let’s find out how to use the bill payment feature of Google Tez app.

How To Pay Utility Bills With Google Tez App
  1. First things first, download or update to the latest Google Tez [App].
  2. If you are new to Tez, set up your Tez UPI and link a bank account.
  3. Now open the app and click ‘New’ under ‘Payments’ menu.
  4. In the submenu look for ‘Pay your bills’ under ‘Tez connections’.
  5. Tap on it and choose the Biller from the list on the next screen.
  6. You can also search a biller from the previous menu, here is the list.
  7. After selecting biller, click ‘Get Started’, fill the details, click ‘Link’.
  8. You’ll see the Biller’s contact while Tez checks for pending bills.
  9. If available, you can ‘view details’ and ‘Pay Bill’ using UPI PIN.
How To Pay Utility Bills Such As Electricity, Water etc With Google Tez
Features of Google Tez Utility Bill Payment

The good thing is the bill payment facility has some added functionalities. Once a biller is linked to your Tez account, you can view them directly in the main Tez menu under ‘Business’. The additional features of this payment facility are given below.

  • Tez will auto-fetch any pending bills and notify you of the same.
  • No chance of duplicate bill payment as Tez updates the status automatically.
  • The list of billers is growing as more and more companies are adopting it.
  • These include DTH, electricity, water, gas, postpaid, insurance, broadband etc.
  • You can also earn Tez scratch card for paying bills on offer dates.
Bill Payment Offers on Google Tez

Currently there are two offers running on Tez for bill payments. First offer is ‘Power-up your bills’ in which if you pay a bill of Rs 100, you can get a power-up card(scratch card) that has up to 3 times as cash back. This offer will expire on 1 March 2018. Second offer is ‘For each new bill (Rs 100 and above) you pay’ get a scratch card worth up to Rs 1000. To avail this offer the bill must be paid before 28 February 2018. In my experience, Tez never ran out of offers. So even if existing offers expire, new ones will be announced. So keep an eye on the ‘Offers’ section under ‘Team Tez’ in the app.


Even though there are lots of billers, Tez currently has no option for prepaid mobile recharges. When it comes to sending money, paying rent and bills, the Tez gives us a rewarding experience. So if you haven’t started using Tez yet, you’re missing a lot. You can also use Cash Mode for sending money to a person nearby, this feature works with the help of Audio QR combined with UPI PIN. So let us know if the article was informative in the comment section, Peace!

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