How much better it can get, type in your native language on your Android device. Indian users can rejoice as Google has officially launched the Google Hindi Input App for Android devices. Google Hindi Input allows users to type messages, update their social networks or compose emails in Hindi on their Android phone and tablets with ease.

Google brings Hindi Transliteration Keyboard with Google Hindi Input App

One of the awesome feature of this app is that, you don’t need to exactly type in Hindi, with active transliteration mode enabled users just need to type Hindi word in English characters and the app will automatically in real-time convert them to Hindi. For example type “namaste hindi” and then you will get “?????? ?????” (in Hindi characters). Simply saying the app is just converting text from one character set to another, not fully translating the words themselves. Users can toggle the button “a-?” on English keyboard to turn on/off transliteration mode.

With the Google Hindi Input App, Android users will also be getting a full-fledged Hindi keyboard with Hindi characters, it can be toggled active by pressing the globe button in the native keyboard. Consonants are alphabetically ordered into 2 pages, pressing the paging button “1/2” “2/2” will allow users to navigate between pages. By long pressing the character key users have option to select various forms in the popup.

Google brings Hindi Transliteration Keyboard with Google Hindi Input App

While testing around the app, we find it silky awesome, we were able to send SMSs and Emails without any trouble. Probably every new Android smartphones releasing in India now-on will get this Hindi Input App pre-installed. It’s one of the apps every Indian Android user should have.

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