After months of waiting, trying out release previews and arriving as the default browser on Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 makes its official presence on Windows 7. Internet Explorer 10 is available worldwide in 95 languages for download from here.

Internet Explorer 10 comes to Windows 7, At Last

Internet Explorer 10 brings the same leading standards support, with improved performance, security, privacy, reliability that consumers enjoy on Windows 8, to Windows 7 customers. Microsoft has promised to auto update IE9 and IE10 release preview versions for Windows 7 customers. IE10 claims to brings 20% faster real world Web sites, it improves performance across the board with faster page loading, faster interactivity, and faster JavaScript performance, while reducing CPU usage. IE10’s integrated spell checking and auto-correct for common spelling mistakes, makes typing text for blog posts, social updates, and tweets faster and less error prone.

The old IE6 to IE9 was a hell for developers, building website compatible with IE was too difficult as most of the web standards don’t work on it. IE10 brings a great relief for developers, as it brings increased support for modern Web standards powered by hardware acceleration to enable a new class of compelling applications and fast and fluid Web browsing. IE10 adds support for over 30 new modern Web standards beyond IE9, for a 60% increase. These new supported standards in IE10 include many of the latest HTML5, CSS3, DOM, Web Performance, and Web.

Microsoft has set up a IE Test Drive site for users to experience IE10’s performance first hand with examples of hardware accelerated rendering, interactivity, touch, and real world site patterns. Also another website from Microsoft, showcases IE10’s features. With the IE10 launch on Windows 7 Microsoft has also released a Ads to make everything a bang.

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