Want to send money quickly to a friend or family member while chatting with them or need to recharge your mobile, DTH and pay bills on the go? Indian messaging platform Hike has baked a digital wallet right into the Hike Messenger, called Hike Wallet. It’s also the first Indian app to come up with a seamless payment solution in a messaging platform.

Hike Wallet allows you to instantly send money to a friend in Hike Messenger or receive money from anyone. Other than wallet-to-wallet money transfer you can use the money in the wallet to recharge your mobile, and pay bills. The digital wallet also enables you to transfer the funds to your bank account with the help of United Payments Interface (UPI) system. For this, Hike has partnered with Yes Bank, to enable money transfer and withdrawals to banks via UPI. With over 100 million Hike users, the wallet service would become one of India’s biggest UPI-based platform.

Hike adds Digital Wallet within its Messaging Platform

In addition, Hike allows you to send money in custom-designed envelopes which they call ‘Blue Packets‘ to friends or family in your Hike Messenger. It’s a sort of gift card that can be sent to your friend or family member during his/her birthday or other special occasions. One can easily redeem the gift card for actual money on their Hike Wallet. The service is free to use, but the person receiving the Blue Packet need to accept it within 24 hours, otherwise, it will get expire. You can also send Blue Packets to an individual friend or group of friends and can set an expiry type. Like the blue packet can expire after certain number users have redeemed it or within 24 hours time frame. This feature would really help brands conducting contests or giveaways.

Hike Wallet Features

  • Hike Wallet is an in-app payment digital wallet system.
  • Money transfer between users can be done via UPI system by linking your bank account. Or if you don’t link a bank account then you can use wallet-to-wallet money transfer.
  • Can recharge mobiles, DTH, Data cards and pay bills online right from Hike Messenger.
  • Can transfer or withdraw money to your bank account via UPI.
  • Gift money to friends or family via Blue Packets.

Hike Wallet is available with the latest Hike Messenger 5.0 available on Android. The company plans to bring the wallet to iOS devices later in July. With the latest version, you also get some new features like night mode and app themes. If you share lots of selfies with your friends in Hike, then AI-powered Magic Selfie helps to enhance and beautify the photo a bit more. One old feature that’s making a return is the timeline, which now offers both text and link updates along with photos.

Another popular app, Truecaller has recently launched UPI-based mobile payment service ‘Truecaller Pay‘ in partnership with ICICI Bank. Using the app. right from the user contact window, one can send money to that user. It also allows you to recharge your mobile number within the Truecaller app.

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