Google’s social networking effort Google+ is adding up lots and lots of features to it lately and one of the popular product in it Hangout video chatting service got another great feature added to it. Hangouts Remote Desktop app, that let you help others by controlling their computer remotely, bringing in whole new possibility for online support.

Google+ adds up Remote Desktop App to Hangout bringing in whole new possibility for Online Support

Unlike the usual video chat, Google+ Hangouts utilizes the power of Google’s network to deliver higher reliability and enhanced quality. Customers can add up to 9 people at once to the video chat and can watch YouTube videos with friends, collaborate on Google Docs, or play games by adding apps from the menu on the left. Adding up one new App to the list Hangouts Remote Desktop App make it easier to help others by controlling their computer remotely with their permission, way similar to popular TeamViewer and LogMeIn. Hangouts Remote Desktop is powered by the same technology behind Chrome Remote Desktop app build by Google. While using Hangouts Remote Desktop you not only can work on their computer but also talk and see each other during the session.

To get started, just start a Hangout and click on the Apps and add up the Hangouts Remote Desktop app, note that to use this feature you will need full permission from the other user. Hangouts Remote Desktop brings a whole new possibility for companies like software companies, web developers, hosting providers for giving direct online support.

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