Google has got a new strategy for selling its flagship smartphone the Galaxy Nexus, through there re-branded Android marketplace Google Play store. Google have started selling unlocked carrier free version of Samsung Galaxy Nexus though its Google Play store in the USA. Play store now has a new section called ‘Devices‘ through which Google intend to sell various Android devices, to start with they are offering unlocked version of Nexus phones initially.

Google Nexus Devices now available through Google Play Store

Google Nexus phones offer pure Google experience to users. The first Nexus phone called Nexus One was made by HTC, next two versions Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus has been made by Samsung. With rumors of the next Nexus also been made by Samsung. Galaxy Nexus offers 4.65 inch HD Super Amoled display and runs on latest Android 4.0.4 OS. Has an internal memory of 16GB and run on 1GB RAM powered by 1.2 GHz dual-core processor.

Initially the Play Device store is open to USA customers, with Galaxy Nexus unlocked version listed at $399 (aprox Rs 21,500). Galaxy Nexus is being offered unlocked and contract free GSM phone that will operate on more than 200 GSM providers worldwide, including AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. Galaxy Nexus also comes fully integrated with Google wallet and a $10 (aprox Rs 500) credit to get start with.

Google is excepted to expand the Play Device store in more countries soon. No specific date of when it will get launched in India. Google also started offering new customer support services to improve the purchasing experience on Google Play. It has been rumored that Google will launch Nexus branded tablets soon, which will probably be sold through Google Play store. If you are from US you can just head over here on Google play store to purchase the unlocked Galaxy Nexus.

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