Facebook want to help their massive user base to be secure from all sorts of internet virus, spam and phishing attacks, for that they have opened up a Facebook Anti-Virus marketplace. Facebook security team recommends five most popular anti-virus software’s which are McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton Anti-Virus, Sophos AV for Macs and finally Trend Micro Internet for PCs and Macs.

Facebook Open Ups Anti-Virus Marketplace

The Facebook Security Team has pioneered many innovative defense systems against viruses, spam and phishing attacks, as well as extensive automated enforcement mechanisms that quickly shut down malicious pages, accounts and apps.

Facebook security team said on their offical blogNow, all of Facebook’s more than 900 million users will be protected by the combined intelligence of these industry leaders. Our URL blacklist system, which scans trillions of clicks per day, will now incorporate the malicious URL databases from these security companies to augment our existing level of protection. This means that whenever you click a link on our site, you benefit not just from Facebook’s existing protections, but the ongoing vigilance of the world’s leading corporations involved in computer security. At the moment, less than 4% of content shared is spam (compared to nearly 90% of email) and we are looking forward to making even more progress in the future.”

Learn about all Facebook security features and safety tools using this offical infographics. (click on the image to open up in full size)

Facebook security features and safety tools Infographics

The Facebook antivirus marketplace enables people to download six-month licenses to full versions of anti-virus software at no charge from Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, or Symantec.

LinkFacebook Antivirus Marketplace

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