Google News To Know And Didn't Really Care To Know

Whether you like or not Google is the leading search engine, software competitor, and web developer giant on the net today.  So it is smart to keep up to date with their newest programs, court issues, and technology inventions.  Here is the latest Google news to know and didn’t really care to know; like knowing how much this web giant rakes in by the millisecond.

Google’s Cloud Print service partners with FedEx

Google has created the ability to print to any Fed Ex location into their Cloud Print; in other words you can use documents from Chrome, Google Docs to a participating store then pick it up; key word is “participating.”  Not all the Fed Ex stores have jumped on the new offer.

Google goes Republican

Google has announced that it will be the official social platform and live feed source for the Republican Party for the 2012 convention. It will use the latest chat feed as well as the live video options for the conventions and states a view without walls; so what, we can see is what is happening at the live feed.

Google’s first earnings report for 2012 – you didn’t want to know

Google has netted over 10 billion dollars in its first quarter; that is 24% more than expected.    However; the earnings this year are down from last year about 10% combined with their ad program and stocks.

New changes to Google +

The reasons or one of the assumptions behind the new “whitespace” on the Google+ platform is maybe the new option to re-size your browser. The idea is to allow the user to adjust how they can view their landing page, bigger or smaller.  They are also tweaking certain elements as far as its navigation and certain actions.  Like a drag and drop when you hover over a particular item, making it quicker to modify your settings.  One of the new features will create an easier way to join a conversation, new layout for the profile page and a separate page for their multi-person video chat; it’s most popular feature at the moment.

Since Google has monopolized about every function on the internet it is a good practice to find the latest trends they are working on or introducing.  The biggest story with Google now is the Oracle court battle that could affect millions of Java developers and Android phone users.  There is a court date later this month that could change the way you use your smartphone.

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