Google taught us how easy it would be to send any media content from your smartphone or laptop to your big screen with Google Chromecast. Now they have come up with Google Cast for audio, that lets you cast your favorite music from your smartphones, tablets, laptops or any smart devices to any of your compatible speakers.

Google introduces Cast for audio - Send Music to your Speakers

Google Cast for audio works way similar to Chromecast, where you can use your Android smartphones and tablets, Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows devices, Chromebook or via Chrome browser to control the music. Users can press/click on the cast button to stream music via apps on to any compatible speakers. Users can search and browse, play, skip, and turn up the volume directly from the apps.

Instead of streaming the audio file from your device, Google Cast streams the music directly from the cloud to the speakers. That offers high quality sounds directly from cloud with out any drops, stuttering or disruptions. In addition it allows users to freely use their devices for other task and won’t effect the battery.

Google is working with speaker manufacturers like Sony, LG and Denon for Google cast ready speakers. For music content, Google have partnered with popular streaming services like Pandora, iHeart, rdio, Songza, tunein, BeyonPod and it’s own Google Play Music.

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