Looking for a way to find all those big emails which are taking up your valuable space or mails that was sent on a specific date. Google just made it faster and easier for users to find their messages using search in Gmail. Gmail’s new search operator allow users to search emails by size, more flexible date options, exact match and other parameters. Recently only Google introduced a completely redesigned compose and reply experience.

Gmail users can now Search email by attached file Size and Date

Gmail size search operator allow users to search big email by the file size of attachment with the help of the search syntax “size:[size of attachment]“. For example to find an emails larger than 3MB, users can search for size:3m or larger:3m and Gmail will display all those email which have attachment larger than 3MB.

Similarly the date search operator allows users to find emails sent over a period of time, like a year old mail can be searched using the search syntax – “older_than:1y”. Users are also can use multiple search operators to extract the specific email from Gmail. For example users looking to find email with file size of 3MB which are a year old can search on Gmail as “size:3m older_than:1y“.

SourceGmail advanced search

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