From the great release of social network site Google+,  Google is back with providing lots of fun for its users. Google just launched a new interactive game Nexus Contraptions.

The game is just simple, getting a ball ( google apps ) to the  funnel by placing objects in the way like rubber bands,  fans, and magnets. So you need to apply physics, mathematics, thinking and other things a lot.  These balls featured as google apps like Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube which comes packed with latest Google Nexus S . Each ball has to go through certain levels in order to get into your virtual Nexus S. Also note that you are being timed, so make sure you drop the apps into the funnel as quickly as possible. At the end if you succeed in placing all the balls ( google apps) in the funnel , you will get a fully loaded feature rich Nexus S handset , virtual one though .

Google Nexus Contraptions
Google Nexus Contraptions Youtube Page

Why waiting head over to Google Contraptions YouTube channel and start playing.So if you excuse me , so that i can play and finish the game .

Do let us know if you like the new Google game?

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