You have your brand new blog or business and you want it to perform well in today’s market. Sometimes you’ll feel that your daily postings on are becoming redundant and you are having difficulty thinking of new things to write about. You might be thinking ‘where do professional bloggers get their topic concepts?’ Where do these marketers on the web get their ideas? I will give you some quick tips on how to be creative and appealing when choosing topics for your blog. There is no need for a dull blog.

You can search on Google or Yahoo and look for the main keywords that have to deal with your blog’s niche. You can browse common headlines and see what some people are writing about on that topic. You can paraphrase or write your opinion about the key phrases on your blog to make it something original and fresh.

Instead of having just one central blog you can begin to make sequences of blog posts about that certain topic and spread to a higher number of your own personal blogs. You can have a sequence of blog posts giving instructions on a step by step basis. Day one could be about finding the right niche for your blog. You need to look at message boards. You can give strategies on brainstorming and other tools you can use to research, just to see if your blog topic is eye catching or relevant. Formatting articles so they look attractive and professional can be time-consuming. Your next step could be about how to purchase a domain name to post your blog in. Also it is important to see what the nicest places to buy your host name are since some might be more expensive than others or even completely illegal.

You should observe what your target audience is interested in. Check out highly populated forums that deal with your topic, and see what the most frequently asked questions are to the blogger. For instance your blog is about gardening and many of the questions you see online are along the lines of “are goldfish safe in a garden pond?”  You can have your next blog post be all about that question.

 This is a Guest Post by An Chan who is a Online marketing consultant specializing in free businesses promotion tactics.

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