Today when I was searching around the net, got an eye on this incredible service provided with BSNL “BB Best Plan Selector” [BB plan selector]. I think some of you might have known about this service, those of you who don’t know about it read further 🙂 .

Bhatat Sanchar Nigam Limited, India’s public sector telecom operator has launched an online tool which will help the user to get all information related to BSNL Broadband, EVDO, 3G Data and WiMax and it helps to choose plans according to customer requirement. This tool is regularly updated one.

With this BB plan selector a user can find out plan details of the services (Broadband, EVDO, 3G Data or WiMax) they are looking for like bandwidth, monthly charges, download limit, additional charges per MB, discount on annual payment, free calls, free modem option, projected monthly usage and security deposit details etc. Every plan is listed based on City or State, type (Broadband, EVDO, 3G Data or WiMax), based on the area (urban, rural), home/business, desired speed, high night usage, usage in MB or monthly budget. So you have got the freedom to choose the best plan according to your needs.

BSNL BB Plan selector also has options to suggest the best plan by Activity tool through which users can provide the time used to surf, watch streaming videos, play online games, listen to online radio, auto-updates, movie or song downloads, image upload/download, attachment downloads etc and according to the data given the BB Plan selector will suggest the best plan for you.

It also has the option to Register for a service using the plan, upgrade online your current plans or move to another plan. Which i think is the best part of it, as you can change/upgrade your plans online other than going to BSNL office and filling out forms and standing in queue.

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