Slow and steady wins the race, but in the case of Govt owned telecom operator BSNL, slow and steady developments are causing it to lose the race. According to the latest telecom subscription data published by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) as on 28th February, 2015, BSNL has drop down to 6th position (8.08%) in Indian telecom market share. During the single month of February, 2015 BSNL lost around 25.53 lakh customers taking its total subscriber base down to 7.75 Crores.

On the gaining side, Aircel for the first time become the 5th largest telecom operator in India with 8.38% telecom market share overtaking BSNL. During the month of February, 2015 it added around 9.5 lakh new customers taking its total subscriber base to 8.05 Crores.

BSNL drops down to 6th & Aircel becomes 5th largest telecom Operator in India

As always Bharti Airtel remains the top telecom operator in India with 23.23% market share, followed by Vodafone India with 18.99% market share and Idea Cellular with 16.18% market share. All Indian telecom operators are seeing growth in its subscriber base except BSNL and Sistema.

Other highlighted features of Telecom Subscription Data as on 28th February, 2015

  • The number of telephone subscribers in India increased from 979.21 million at the end of Jan 2015 to 987.30 million at the end of Feb 2015.
  • Total wireless subscriber base increased from 952.34 million at the end of Jan 2015 to 960.58 million at the end of Feb 2015, thereby registering a monthly growth rate of 0.86%.
  • In the February 2015, a total of 3.47 million subscribers submitted their requests for MNP.
  • BSNL tops in the Wireline subscriber base in India, but its showing a monthly decline rate of 0.54%
  • Broadband subscribers increased from 94.49 million at the end of Jan 2015 to 97.37 million at the end of Feb 20815 with monthly growth rate of 3.05%.
  • BSNL tops in the wired broadband market share with 9.98 million subscribers, followed by Bharti Airtel with 1.98 million subscribers.
  • On Wireless broadband service, Airtel tops with 19.45 million subscribers followed by Vodafone with 17.92 million subscribers.

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