After the full-fledged roll out of voice calling feature on Android devices last month, WhatsApp finally rolling out the much awaited voice calling feature to Apple iPhone users. The company has already pushed an update to WhatsApp (version 2.12.1) on Apple iTunes store, that brings the voice calling feature. This update also brings additional features like quick camera button in chats, editing videos option and iOS 8 share extension.

WhatsApp Call enables users to seamlessly call his/her friends through WhatsApp just like Skype or Google Hangout. It uses phones internet connection to make calls rather than users cellular plan’s voice minutes. When we tested the WhatsApp voice calling feature on our iPhone 6 through WiFi and 4G LTE/3G network, the call quality seems to be crystal clear with zero disturbance.

WhatsApp Voice Calling finally comes to Apple iPhone – Here’s how to activate it

To enable WhatsApp Call feature, users need to update their exiting WhatsApp to the latest version (version 2.12.1 in precise). But, this update still won’t enable WhatsApp Call automatically. WhatsApp is rolling out the call feature in a phased manner, so you may need to wait for a few days to few weeks. Another way to active the Call feature is by receiving a call from someone whose voice-calling is already activated. Once you get the call, close and reopen the app to see three tabs namely Calls, Chats and Contacts added to your WhatsApp app.

Once Whatsapp Call is activated on your device, the Calls tab will show incoming, outgoing, and missed calls log. You can start a voice call from any of your contacts text chat window by clicking the phone icon that appears on the top bar, right next to the attach icon and the menu or click on any contact’s avatar which pops up the option to call them.

One more thing, all Android users with WhatsApp calling feature can now call their friends who has been using WhatsApp on iPhone. But if you got a Windows Phone, then you are still out of luck and the wait continues.

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