The primary purpose of installing android spy software on a target phone is basically to track down the activities made by the person who owns the phone.

However, even if we are to justify that using was required to maintain the user’s safety, it still holds quite a considerable number of inherent risks that could cause the effects of its benefits to become naught. If we don’t properly understand these intrinsic negative points, we could not only end up harming the ones being observed, but we also risk sustaining a considerable amount of damage (mental and technical) ourselves.

Software Imperfection and Possible Malwares

Android spy software Analysis: the Intrinsic Negative Points

First, before we even consider using the software to track down people, we should first consider if the android spyware is actually safe enough for us to use. Though there is a wide selection of available software programs out there that are classified as a phone spying application, not all of them could be actually useful. A little research might help us eliminate some of the true and pure malware from our choice list, but it still does not eliminate other cell phone monitoring software that are discreetly sending usage data to be exploited by a third-party (read: “their own developers”).

Maybe this just extrapolating too much, but we believe that every ounce of safety is crucial in keeping android spy software working to our desired “operating levels”.

Data Might Be Inadvertently Revealed to Other People

What are the things that we can do to make sure that our data is ours alone? We suppose that keeping our mouths shut would be the best option. But what if the information was somehow divulged by a person who was curious enough to check your phone out? Remember, it’s not the software’s responsibility to keep you from accidentally whistle blowing unwanted things to the public, even if you did not actually directly took a hand to reveal those things.

Again, we might just be thinking too much on this, although the chances of information accidentally leaking out is a possibility that we could probably never dismiss completely.  And speaking of revealing information sooner or later…

Mistrust Level is Relative to Time

We have to remind you that using android monitoring software for a period of time is like building up pressure from a steel vessel. The pressure builds up as “bad” gases (usage data) get accumulated over time. When it bursts, it would unleash a force that directly reflects your level of trust for that person. Would you like to imagine how it would feel like when it is revealed that you are actually being watched all this time?

Remember that the implications of undisclosed information being suddenly revealed are directly proportional to the length of time that it has been successfully kept hidden. Perhaps the most obvious advice for this is to keep your vigilance in NOT getting that information revealed.

One important note before we end the article. This article was never written with the intention of keeping other people from using cell phone monitoring software. Treat the arguments and statements here as a crude reminder, that even such highly systemized software is not perfect, and could also suffer from drawbacks and shortcomings that could lessen its overall efficiency.

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