You probably will be alerted that several massive earthquake hit waters off Indonesia with 8.6- 8.2 magnitude, which lead to tsunami warning to around 28 countries. If you are looking to track the real-time situation of Tsunami and earthquake then, Google will provide you with that information through its Crisis Response project. Google Public Alerts, a platform designed to bring you relevant emergency alerts when and where you’re searching for them, through overlaying public alerts on Google Maps.

Get Real-time Alert on Tsunami and Earthquake on Google Maps

The Google Crisis Response team works on providing critical emergency information during crises. The goal is to surface emergency information through the online tools like Maps and other services, when that information is relevant and useful. On Google Maps, alerts will appear at the top of relevant search results and can be identified with a red target icon. You can currently track the recent Indonesian earthquake on Google public alert page.

By clicking through the “more info” on this alert, users can find a page showing more details about the alert, with the full description from the alert publisher, a link to their site and other useful information.

Get Real-time Alert on Tsunami and Earthquake on Google Maps - Information Page

Alert showing on map depends on the type of alerts that are active at a given location, their severity, and users search query. To see all active alerts in one place, visit Google crisis response team is working hard to continuously improve the range and relevance of the contents.

Update : if you are on Google +, you can stay informed about the Tsunami Warning, through this link to follow messages about Tsunami on Google +, it was originally shared by Siegfried Hirsch.

So always stay alerted of any Earthquake or Tsunami using Google Public Alerts. Do let us know what do you think about this initiative from Google and share this information with your friends.

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