Currently in India, Govt have regulated the 4G spectrum usage strictly to data transfer and no voice services. Finding a way around this regulation, India’s top telecom operator Bharti Airtel will launch voice services for its 4G TD-LTE (time division duplex long-term evolution) customers through its existing GSM network. Customers in Pune city will be first to get the voice service over 4G network.

Airtel to offer Voice Services to 4G LTE customers via it's GSM network

Bharti Airtel has selected Nokia Siemens Networks to deploy its Circuit Switched FallBack (CSFB) voice solution in the operator’s live TD-LTE network in the city. Through this the Airtel network can automatically transfer customers to GSM platform to make and receive voice calls and access voicemails while retaining the experience of ultra-fast data services on 4G smartphones.

At Airtel, it is our constant endeavor to offer compelling service propositions to our customers. Bharti Airtel has the advantage of pan-India GSM and 3G networks and with the deployment of cutting edge CSFB functionality, we will have the flexibility of using either or both the networks to support voice services on our TD-LTE platform. The solution will enable our 4G customers to enjoy high-quality voice services on GSM network and ultra-fast data services on TD-LTE platform – thereby allowing them to have a unified experience on a 4G handset. Bharti Airtel has always been at the forefront in the Indian telecom revolution, and now with Nokia Siemens Networks’ CSFB solution, we are pleased to provide leadership in setting another technology standard by introducing voice services to TD-LTE customers.Jagbir Singh, CTO & Director – Network Services Group, Bharti Airtel.

Recently India Govt is looking to lift the regulations on 4G networks by allowing voice service over LTE network with a fee of Rs 1650 crore for countrywide voice network. Reliance is also launching VoLTE (Voice over LTE) within next 6 Months.

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