Something for free again, India’s emerging telecom operator Aircel now offers free Facebook access to its customers with its ‘Facebook for All’ plan.

Under this plan Aircel will be offering it customers with free Facebook access to Facebook app, Facebook Messenger and mobile version in nine Indian languages with a data limit of 50MB per month.

Aircel to offer free Facebook Access with ‘Facebook for All’ plan

Over 75 million people access Facebook through their mobile phones in India and more than 60 per cent of Aircel customers who have data enabled handsets consume Internet on their phones. Considering this trend, the launch of the ‘Facebook for All’ service is a strategic and natural step to re-iterate our commitment towards increasing data proliferation and usage of Internet in the country,” said Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel.

Aircel new customers can enjoy free Facebook access for a period of 60 days after activation with a data limit of 50MB per month. Existing Aircel customers will get free 50MB data usage on Facebook for a period of 30 days. Post the free data usage of 50MB, subscribers will need to pay at 0.02 paisa per 10 KB.

Customers also have the option to choose special tariff packs for Facebook which starts at 50 paisa per day or Rs 5 for 5 days with 25MB data usage or Rs 14 for 28 days with 100MB data usage.

The special promotional ‘Facebook for All’ plan is currently only offered to customers in Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Maharashtra. Aircel is expected to launch the service to rest of India within a month.

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