YouTube puts an end to the boredom in sharing videos with the launch of a new chat interface. Earlier, when you find a YouTube video interesting, you’d to share it on other social medias. From now on, you can also do the sharing within YouTube. Let’s see this new feature in detail and how it may affect other sharing platforms.

You may notice the brand new tab added to the YouTube mobile app with a share arrow inside chat balloon as the icon. This will take you to the new share and chat interface. Click on it to find the sample chat session by YouTube sharing their new feature video. Similarly, you can create a new chat session, add participants or your friends, share videos and chit-chat about it. You can also share your private videos with selected friends and chatter on it. But let’s see how to start a new chat session.

How To Share & Chat In YouTube

  • Get the YouTube app from Google Play store or iTunes.
  • Find a video that you would like to share and jabber about.
  • Click on the share arrow icon to find a new Share on YouTube menu.
  • Select the participants and invite them from the list or via add contacts.
  • Wait for them to join and the fun begins.
YouTube Introduces A New Way Of Sharing Videos With Chat Feature

Now let’s see the good, bad and possible impact of this new feature to other sharing platforms. To start with, this feature is way better than the old sharing option and they were a little late in implementing it. Every video, including non-embeddable, can be played within the chat. The new chat feature will make sharing videos more fun and addictive. This will surely attract more viewers to YouTube and keep the traffic contained. However, you may find the wait for participants to accept the invitation a bit dull. This feature may also reduce the views of embedded videos and some traffic to YouTube from other sharing platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Advantages of New Share Feature Over Old

  • Share videos and chat on it for more fun.
  • Add non-embeddable and private videos to the chat.
  • Add more and more videos to the same chat.
  • Push notification for chat sharing.
  • Play videos within the chat interface.

So what do you think about this new feature implemented by YouTube? Try it and find out if it is fun for you. You can also continue sharing on other platforms the usual way. Finally, we can’t say how long this feature will be there. One moment they introduce a feature, the other moment it is gone, so enjoy while it lasts. Hoping for the best, Peace!

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