Vodafone Essar generally known as Vodafone , is a fast growing gsm service provider in India .It is the second largest mobile phone operator in terms of revenue behind Bharti Airtel, and third largest in terms of customers @ India.

Vodafone announced the launch of four new full talktime vouchers for its customer @ Orissa . The Four new talktime vouchers are valued @ Rs.55 , Rs.111 , Rs.222 , Rs.300 with this full talktime the customers will be benefitted with a core talktime of Rs.50 , Rs.111 , Rs.240 and Rs.333 respectively . It gives the impression that Vodafone has not left the track and giving more and more benefits to its customers @ Orissa.

The customer can avail this offers by e-top up

The Offer is tabulated below :

MRP RsCore Talk time







For Further Details visit: www.vodafone.in or call Vodafone Care on +91 97760 97760 from any phone or 111 from your Vodafone mobile phone anytime or email @ [email protected]

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