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Infographics and data visualizations are shifting the way people find and experience stories, creating a new way of seeing the world of data. They help communicate complex ideas in a clear, compact and beautiful way, taking deep data and presenting it in visual shorthand. In short we can say a infographic is basically a large visual image, which presents data in a meaning full flow. You can learn and understand more from a infographic within minutes compared to reading about it.

In they collect the best examples of Infographics on the web and gathered them for reference, share, and enjoy. Features

  • Infographics are arranged in several categories for easy lookup.
visually Infographics categories Infographics categories list
  • Every infographics shows the author and where on the web it was published.
  • If you have created any infographics you can register on and publish your work, it will drive lots more users to see your work
  • Also is now working on a lab feature, which allows users to create infographics from there data. Currently it has a Twitter Visualizer which generates a personalized infographic of your Twitter persona based on what you tweet. ( lab )

It seems to be a very interesting site to collect, share and learn Infographics. Do comment your views on it.

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