Some times we may not end up using all the 2GB or 3GB daily data quota in our prepaid mobile plans. What usually happens then is, after the clock hits midnight the daily data quota get reset and all the unused data gets lapsed or wasted. Well, if you are on Vi or Vodafone Idea mobile network then it won’t be the case anymore. The Indian telecom operator has announced Weekend data rollover feature for its prepaid mobile customers.

With Vi Weekend data rollover feature, all your unused daily data from a weekday or Monday to Friday can be carried over to the weekends. Thus, you could accumulate all your unused daily data quota on weekdays and use that on Saturday and Sunday or the weekend, when you need the most to binge-watch an entire TV series.

Vodafone Idea Weekend Data Rollover feature

Vi Weekend data rollover feature is available to new and existing prepaid mobile customers at no extra cost or fees. The only condition is that you need to be on an unlimited pack with daily quota starting at Rs 249. Those who may not know, the Rs 249 unlimited pack comes with 1.5GB of daily data quota and unlimited free calling for 28 days. Thus, with Vi Weekend data rollover feature you could save any unused data from your daily 1.5GB daily data quota over the weekend.

Currently, following Vi Unlimited packs supports Weekend data rollover feature – Rs 249, Rs 297, Rs 299, Rs 399, Rs 398, Rs 449, Rs 497, Rs 499, Rs 558, Rs 555, Rs 595, Rs 599, Rs 647, Rs 699, Rs 795, Rs 819, Rs 1197, Rs 2399 and Rs 2595.

Vi Weekend data rollover feature

  • Weekend data rollover is a data saver feature, wherein unused daily data quota from the weekdays (Monday to Friday) is accumulated and is made available for use only on the weekends ( Saturday and Sunday).
  • Weekend data rollover feature is available to prepaid customers recharging for an unlimited pack of Rs 249 and above.
  • Unused data is accumulated from Mondays 00:00Hrs (12 Midnight) to 2359Hrs (12 midnight) on Friday.
  • On Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), the accumulated unused data from the weekdays are used first, before moving to your normal daily data quota.
  • Weekend rollover fixed data is available for use only between Saturdays 00:00Hrs (12 Midnight) to 2359Hrs (12 midnight) on Sundays. If you still have any unused data then it will get lapsed.

Weekend data rollover features seem to be one of the interesting, and useful feature addition by Vi to attract an aliening customer base. It’s an industry first, as Indian telcos usually offered data rollover feature for only Postpaid mobile customers. Now we have to wait and see how Indian users perceive this new idea and what other telcos come up with to counter this offer.

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