Just after a day since Lenovo warned Indian users from buying its products from online retails like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India, another PC and electronics manufacturer Toshiba has issued an warning for Indian customers buying its laptops and LED Tvs. Toshiba has put up an ‘important’ notice in its official website (toshiba-india.com) that says it has no direct agreements or arrangements with Indian e-commerce websites and they are not authorised by the company.

Toshiba India has observed that many e-commerce websites are selling “TOSHIBA” branded Television and Laptop (Products). Toshiba India does not have any direct agreements / arrangements with these e-commerce websites and they are not authorised by Toshiba India to represent about the quality or fitness of any “TOSHIBA” branded Products.

Also, these e-commerce websites may not pass on the sales promotional schemes, which are available on the Products only when they are purchased through Toshiba India authorised dealer network, from time to time.

We are further informing our esteemed customers to enquire with Toshiba India regarding the availability of after sales services before they purchase any Product from these e-commerce websites. Please enquire from our Call Centre at 18002008674 to avoid any inconvenience in availing any after sale services on the Product.

After Lenovo, Toshiba warns users Buying from Indian online retailers

The main reason behind this issue is that, Indian online retailers tend to sell the products at a cheaper rate than the original MRP set by a company with discounts and offers. This may have caused issues for Toshiba’s original resellers mainly the brick and mortar ones. This authorised sellers are now pushing Toshiba to take some action against this.

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