The mega Football fever has begun and it’s time to switch to football. Watch the thrilling matches in Copa América and UEFA Euro 2016, but also start playing the matches.

Facebook has secretly added a football (or soccer) game easter egg in its Messenger App. Well now it’s not that hidden, you can now play Football straight from any of your chat windows.

Time To Switch to football - Play secret Football game on Facebook Messenger

On Facebook Messenger, open up a chat with a friend, or group of friend and then send the soccer ball emoji. Tap the soccer emoji you just sent and start playing football. Don’t expect too much like you can play the full fledged FIFA game on the chat window. All you have to do in the Messenger football game is to tap the ball and keep it bouncing.

Scores of your’s and everyone in the chat thread playing the games is tracked and you can see who among you have set the highest score or best football player.

On the way if you’re not able to get the football emoji to play, then make sure you have updated the Facebook Messenger app to the latest version.

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