Yes, you have missed it a lot, now the wait is officially over. Just say, “Alexa, play Bollywood Hits on Spotify” on one of your Echo devices and get started pumping up. One of world’s best music streaming service Spotify now works with Alexa and can play music and podcasts on your Amazon Echo device in India. The feature is rolling out for both Spotify Premium and Free-tier users in India.

Originally, Spotify brought integration with Alexa and Amazon Echo devices back in 2016. But it was too limited rollout and restricted to selected markets. Fast forwarding, now the company is expanding the support to more countries.

Spotify now works with Amazon Alexa on Amazon Echo devices in India

With Spotify supporting Amazon Alexa on Echo devices, you could request the AI assistant to play music by artist, album, track, genre, curated and personal playlists. You could even ask Alexa to play podcasts from your Spotify account. The best part, you could speak to Alexa to play music in Spotify in English, Hindi or even in mixed Hinglish, it would understand all.

How to link Spotify with Alexa on Echo

As we said earlier, Spotify in Echo devices supports both Premium (ad-free) and free-tier (ad-supported) service in India. You have instant access to over 50 million songs and podcast on Spotify. To connect Spotify account with Alexa on Amazon Echo device:

  • On Alexa app (on your Android or iOS device) got to “Settings”.
  • Under “Settings” select music option and click “Link New Service”.
  • Now under the new services, you could find Spotify, tap on it.
  • You now need to sign-in/sign-up with your Spotify username and password.
  • Once Spotify is linked, you also need to select “Default Services” to set Spotify as your default music service.

That’s it, now from next time you ask Alexa to play a song, it would search and start the music stream from Spotify. You could also ask Alexa specific commands to trigger music from Spotify. For example, with a movie name – “Alexa, play Kabir Singh songs on Spotify”, with an artist name – “Alexa, play Badshah songs on Spotify”, with a specific song – “Alexa, play Malang on Spotify” etc.

To listen to a Spotify podcasts say “Alexa, Spotify connect” and your Echo device will be discoverable in the Spotify app. Or, you could check the “Devices Available” on the now playing screen on the Spotify app and select the Echo device to cast the audio. Other than using this way to play podcasts, you could also instantly play a specific song or music you discovered while browsing the Spotify app on your Echo device.

Note that, Spotify currently works only on Amazon Echo devices in India. These include Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Input, Echo Plus and Echo Studio. Support for other devices with Alexa such as Fire TV and mobile devices will be coming soon.

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