That’s achievement, beating all competition Samsung has sold 30 million GALAXY S III worldwide within five months of launch.

Samsung Sold 30 million Galaxy S III within Five Months

The GALAXY SIII continues to be a runaway favorite with customers around the world. Meeting this sales milestone in five months sets another record for samsung, and we are extremely proud and yet motivated to continue to provide our customers with products that they love. On behalf of Samsung Mobile, I appreciate million of customers around the world that have chosen the Samsung GALAXY SIII” – commented JK Shin, President and head of IT & Mobile Communications Division

Global Samsung GALAXY S, SII and SIII sales
Global Samsung GALAXY S, SII and SIII sales

If we look into numbers, Samsung’s previous flagship handset Galaxy SII sold around 10 million devices during a similar selling period of five months (150 days) and took around 14 month to cross the 30 million sales. When compared to Galaxy S it took 17 months to pass 20 million.

Samsung GALAXY SIII, comes with powerful Quad-core processor which ensures blazing-fast performance and seamless multi-tasking. It now upgradable to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) which brings Android’s intelligent features that make everyday life easier. Its expansive 4.8” HD Super AMOLED display lets users view multimedia and web content in brilliant color and clarity.

Samsung GALAXY SIII Stats

Samsung continues to work to enrich the GALAXY S III experience, thus making it one of the best Android Smartphone in the world.

SourceSamsung tomorrow

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