Nokia Brings in Real-time Live Traffic update on Maps for Delhi and Mumbai

Nokia India’s popular mobile brand, has launched real-time live traffic update service for Nokia Maps/Drive applications on its Symbian, Lumia Windows Phone range of smartphones and also on their online web and mobile based map sites. Currently this real-time traffic update on Nokia maps available for Delhi and Mumbai based users. Nokia claims it has covered around 1,500 km of roads across these two major cities in India.

The traffic information is refreshed every five minutes to provide users with the latest  traffic data. The service is powered by NAVTEQ Traffic Pro real-time traffic service. It also covers all the highways, main roads and secondary roads in the two major cities of India – which means all the important road networks are covered. Users can access the live traffic flow from your Nokia maps application (a newer version currently available which users can download now) or through on web-based interface or on mobile if accessing through other smartphones like Android/Apple.

Nokia India Maps Real-time traffic update for Mumbai and Delhi Cities
Nokia India Maps Real-time traffic update from Mumbai City

Actually if you own a Nokia smartphone with Nokia maps enabled and uses location-based services on it, then you are the backbone of the service helping Nokia to gather the real-time traffic information. Nokia collecting this information and analyzing it to determine if the traffic is busy or light and assign it a color from red to green accordingly.

Nokia will be launching this service in other cities too but has not given any list of cities or timeline. This service seems to be adding extra quality Nokia maps service compared to the competitor Google Maps. This service will definitely help users in this cities to avoid traffic conjunction and time manage/saving.

Have you tried out this service? Do let us know how useful it being for you.

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