More Indians go online via mobile, E-commerce in India Boosting up [ADMA]

Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) has released its ‘Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook 2012‘ which collects survey reports, analyses data and trends across the Asia-Pacific market region. This year report give more insight on internet usage among Indian users. Some of the key aspects we can find from the study include, 9% of Indians go online via mobile devices and two fifths of Google India’s search queries originates from mobile phones. Another aspect is the increase in e-commerce market in India, according to the study a total of 9 million Indian internet users carried out online transaction in 2011, the number is predicted to reach 38 million by 2015. Other main finding from the yearbook 2012:

  • India has 97million active internet users, or those who go online at least once a month. Of those 73 million stem from main cities, while 24 million originated from rural areas.
  • The Indian government expects to increase the number of broadband connection to 175 million by 2015, 600million by 2020.
  • Few Indian women have access to the internet, they only represent 15% of all internet users in the country.
  • A sizeable 87% of internet users go online at least once a week.
  • The most popular activities amongst online Indians are emailing (98% of users), searching or buying non travel products (76% of users), download music (69%), Job searching (62%), Social networking (61%), and searching for or buying travel products (59%)
  • Online advertising in India is currently generating US$410 million a year and represents 7% of total advertising spend. By 2015, it is expected to generate US $1.6billion and comprise 10 to 15% of India’s overall as spend.
  • The mobile advertising is set to grow ten-fold within the coming five years. In current value is US $11 million.
  • The Indian e-commerce market hosted US $3 billion of transaction in 2011
  • A total of 9 million Indian internet users carried out online transaction in 2011. The number is predicted to reach 38 million by 2015
  • Of India’s general internet population, 9% go online via mobile devices.
  • At the beginning of Q4 2011, the number of mobile internet user reached 46 million.
  • By 2015, India’s 4G service is projected to account for 28million connections.
  • The mobile penetration rate could reach 54% by 2020 when the subscriber base reaches 1.36 billion connections.
  • Almost 50% of all country’s music revenues stem from mobile downloads
  • Two fifths of Google India’s search queries originates from mobile phones.
  • The main applications being accessed by smartphones in India are Facebook (45% reach), GPS (40% reach) and Youtube (33% reach).
  • In 2011, 44% of Indian mobile internet users brought online content via their phones.
  • The value of mobile banking in the country could reach US $350 billion by 2015.
  • India could become one of the world’s top five countries for smart-phones by 2016, representing almost 10 % of the entire world’s supply. In 2011, it represents 2.2 of it.
  • India’s total networking audience now totals 43.5 million according to one survey.
  • Facebook has a penetration rate amongst Indian online users of 56.57%. Its users based grew by more than 7.7 million in one 6 months period alone.
  • More than two-thirds (67%) of Indian internet users read online product or services reviews.
  • Indians spend on average 3.4 hours on social networks.

You can download the complete Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook 2012 from here (you need to register with adma for accessing the report).

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