S as it stands for slimmer or smaller or skinny or just slim. The next-generation gaming console from Microsoft just got slimmer, but more powerful and feature rich.

Microsoft has unveiled the upgrade gaming console or the home entertainment device – the Xbox One S. As the ‘S’ stands for, the One S is 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One launched three years back.

The Xbox One S is now more compact with its slim built and can be placed horizontally or vertically with an optional stand. Inside the slim built, we got an upgraded hardware which now fully supports 4K Ultra HD video playback for your Blu-ray movies and stream videos. The Xbox One S also got High Dynamic Range (HDR) support for video and gaming, which offers richer, vibrant colors in games along with a higher contrast ratio between lights and darks.

Microsoft launches the slimmer Xbox One S - 4K videos, HDR gaming

Physically, the Xbox One S now has added one USB port on the front and two USB ports back, along with added IR blaster. Dedicated Kinect port has been removed from back, but still you can add one using the Xbox Kinect Adapter for USB connection.

Along with the slimmer Xbox One S, Microsoft also launched the newly designed Xbox Wireless Controller which features textured grip for enhanced comfort for those long gaming session you have, twice the wireless range and Bluetooth support. The new thumbstick design is now said to reduce wear and maintain more accuracy and smooth rotation.

The Xbox One S is available in 500GB, 1TB edition, and a special 2TB launch edition. The price of the slimmer gaming console starts from $299 or around Rs 21,000 for the 500GB edition and will be launched during the end of 2016 in India.

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