To capture the first position in Indian smartphone market from Samsung, India’s second leading smartphone manufacturer Micromax has join hands with leading telecom operator in India Aircel to offer bundled 2G/3G voice and data plans on its smartphone and 3G dongles. Along with this the two companies will also share their country-wide channel, retail networks and sales resources.

Taking advantage of Aircel’s massive retails presence Micromax can use that to display their latest products including Smartphone and 3G dongles in Aircel stores and similarly Micromax devices sold through Aircel stores will come with their SIM pre-installed, thus both companies taking advantage of sales channels and resources.

Micromax join hands with Aircel to Offer bundled 2G/3G plans on Smartphones and 3G Dongles

Under the partnership Aircel customers with Micromax handset will be benefited with Reverse bundling handset offers worth Rs 12,000 per month for first three months of SIM activation. Under this bundled offers customers will get 2GB of 2G/33G data usage for three months, along with reduced call rates of 1paisa per 2second on local voice calling and 1paisa per 1second on STD voice calling for three months. In addition customers will also get free Rs 10,000 worth WAP content(images, music and videos) and access to internet TV for three months.

For 3G dongle users with Aircel connection, they will be benefited with 500MB data usage per month for three months.



Smart Phones (3G)

Local Calling @ 1p/2 sec and STD calling @ 1p/sec for 3 months2GB Data (2G/3G) per month for 3 months


Rs. 10,000 worth WAP content free over 3 months

Popcorn TV (internet TV) application free for 3 months

2G Phones (Data Enabled Devices)

Local Calling @1p/2sec and STD Calling @ 1p/sec for 3 months1GB Data (2G/3G) per month for 3 months


Rs. 10,000 worth WAP content free over 3 months

Dongles (3G)

500 MB per month for 3 months

Aircel recognizes the importance of smartphone devices to drive data usage. In line with that, it is our focus to get into partnerships with leading smartphone device manufacturers in an endeavour to bring to our customers exciting bundled products. In this exclusive partnership with Micromax, we will share their robust channel and retail network to deliver innovative and best value for money products and services.” commented Mr. Anupam Vasudev, Aircel’s Chief Marketing Officer.

We are very happy to partner with Aircel, as this partnership will be an excellent amalgamation of Aircel’s innovative offerings in the market place and superior hardware capabilities of Micromax, which will enable millions of consumers in India to enjoy seamless connectivity through affordable call rates, data usage and internet TV on Micromax devices.” commented Mr. Vikas Jain, co-founder, Micromax.

Definitely this will be a win-win situation for both companies, as they both aims to acquire 4 to 5 lakh users every month using this scheme.

Image credit thinkdigit

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