Your day will never end without sharing, liking and commenting with your friends on world’s biggest social networking site Facebook. It’s the perfect place were you share each and everything happening to your life. With the year 2012 almost over, you may wish to look back to see some of the best moments of your life. Facebook has released a new feature called ‘Year in Review‘, which will allow you to see the 20 biggest moments from your own year, including life events, highlighted posts and your most popular stories.

Look Back to Your Biggest Moments in 2012, with Facebook 'Year in Review'
Look Back to Your Biggest Moments in 2012, with Facebook ‘Year in Review’

To access Year in Review, just login to your Facebook profile and then go to Your 20 best moments are show in a timeline style layout with main highlight to your most shared images. You can also share the same with your friends inviting them to look at your best moments this year.

Facebook personal 'Year in Review'
Facebook personal ‘Year in Review’

There is also a way to check anyone’s ‘Year in Review’ as long as you know their exact username ID (its something like[username], which you can get by going to your friends profile). For that you just need to put their username ID at the end of the following url –[Username ID]

Happy to see your best moments for this year, let us know how you liked it?

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