When accessing some sites getting some sorts of errors responses like 404 error, 500 server error etc, but cant figure out what the heck they are and the difference between the codes that signify errors. Every time when you access a website, your browsers encounters server header responses behind the scenes. This server status code/header responses decides the condition of the requested source. If everything is OK from the server-side it provides a 200 status code, then it shows up the website, of course you wont see this 200 status code, as it will only show to you when there is some sorts of errors like the 404 Not Found error.

Want to learn about this server responses and don’t want to get bored reading wiki and help files, here is a simple infographics which will help in understanding all sorts of server status codes and errors. (click on the image to view it in full size)

Learn about Server Header Responses [Infographic]

This infographic was produced by SEOgadget – offering specialist conversion optimization services. Next time when you encounter any of this errors make sure you understand what it means. Do comment your feedback’s on it.

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