Ever thought of losing your business information or other sensitive data over a printer connected to your computers? This can happen since the hard drives in printers can store those documents you keep for printing. Many enterprise level multi functionality printers have their own operating system and hard drive. This can store your copied documents and there is every possibility that it can be accessed by an unauthorized person.

How ever if you are using an all-in-one printer or those in homes and offices are at lesser risk since most of them lack storage functionality.

Is your printer a hidden threat to your PC security?

Also if your PC is connected to a network printer with many people sharing one, you are at higher risk of document theft. Similarly a wireless printer – which can be accessed from a remote location with your PC or smart phone, is more vulnerable to security risks as it allows unauthorized access.

So here are few tips which help you combat your printer security issues.

  • Protect your printer’s web interface with password.
  • Decide on whether you could connect your printer directly to your PC rather than sharing a common one through network.
  • Make sure the wireless network you use is password protected.
  • Check for firmware updates for your printer’s software.

In case if you plan to hand over your printer to someone else, try and make sure the information is inaccessible. Either you can physically remove the stored data or make use of some deletion software to clean the hard drive. This may not possible with all printers since few vendors don’t offer any utility to wipe out the stored data.

Some of the latest printers are even having email addresses. As the vendors trying to bring in breakthrough features and designs to new printers, it‘s high time that you secure your device to prevent data leaks.

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